Friday, February 14, 2014

China: Yi nationality

Yi nationality has population of more than 7.700,000, mainly living in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou provinces and Zhuang Autonomous Region.
In Mt.Liangshan area a ceremony known as ‘Shalaluo’ has been observed for many generations. Shalaluo is an adult ceremony for the girls, meaning taking off a girl’s skirt and putting on an adult one. Before the ceremony, girls wear red-and-white dresses..., one ponytail, and thread their earlobe with floss. After the ceremony, they will wear long skirts with blue and black colors in the middle, make their hair into two braids, and they also begin to wear earrings. The ceremony usually occurs at the age of 15 or 17, depending on the girl’s situation. Only girls and female relatives are allowed to attend it. Only when the ceremony is finished men can take part in the banquet. After the ceremony, the young ladies can walk freely on the streets and go to the market. They are also allowed to date men and get married.

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