Saturday, February 15, 2014

Greenland: Inuit children

Greenlands first settlements, Dorset (Paleo-Eskimo) culture began in second millenium BC, shortly after end of Ice Age. In 10th century Icelandic and Norwegian Vikings settled in Southern part of the island, Inuits living in Northern part. Todays Greenlandic culture is blending of traditional Inuit (Kalaallit) and Scandinavian traditions.
In former times Inuits wore clot...hes made only from animal hides or skins, both men and women clothes consisting of furs (Anorak), trousers and boots (Kamiks). Men clothing were made very carefully, perfectly sewn, that they would not freeze on long hunting trips on Arctic ice, nor soaked hunting by kayak. Women coats had an amaut (baby pouch) and two apron flaps. During winter coat and trousers were worn in 2 layers- fur to the body in inner layer and fur outwards in outer layer. Dried grasses and mosses were put under the foot to absorb perspiration and in amaut as diaper. It took approximately 300 hours of work and 27 caribou skins to prepare and sew clothes for family of 5 persons.

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