Thursday, February 13, 2014

India: Kutch- Gujarat

People of Kutch have different occupations, different beliefs, but they are one as Kutchis. It's a worldwide spread ethnic group, but through their culture they remain together. Almost all people of Kutch believe in Brahmans and start any new work on the advice of him. Many God and Godess festivals are included in Kuchi lives, and they all sing songs in fairs during night ti...mes. Also any guest in their place means a time for festival.
Clothing of Kutchi women is similar to one of Rajashtan. The main jewel of Kutchi women is Akota, that they wear in their nose. If it is too heavy, it's supported by a lock of hair. A nose ring is also one of the several symbols of a married woman. In some regions a girl’s nose is pierced once she is “of marriageable age” and marks her as ready for a husband. In general piercings in India are one way Hindus honor Parvathi, the goddess of marriage. Usually the left side of nose is chosen for woman piercing which in Ayurveda is believed helps with reproduction and childbirth pain.

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