Thursday, February 13, 2014

India: Lambadi mother and daughters, Goa

The Lambadi (Banjara) are a class, usually described as nomadic people. They live in settlements called thandas, wandering from one place to another and leading a life in its own terms and conditions. The banjara tribes are believed to be descendants of the Roma gypsies of Europe who migrated through the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, to settle down in t...he deserts of Rajasthan and many other states in India 2300 years ago. Banjara Women's dressing is the most colorful and elaborate among the other tribal communities in India. They wear phetiya (as ghagra, skirt) and kanchalli (as top) and have mehendi tattoos on their hands. They use mirror chips and often coins to decorate it. Women put on thick bangles(bandiya) on their arms (patli). Woman wear 5 to 6 kgs of jewelry made out of metal, ivory. Banjaras worship Goddess of prosperity Lakhsmi. Hundreds of cowries that the Banjara tribal women wear are much very auspicious as they represent Goddess Lakshmi.

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