Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vietnam: Red Dzao Lady in Sapa- Lao Cai Province

The Hmong and Red Dzao tribes are believed to be the original inhabitants of Sapa. The Dzao ethnic minority is increadibly diverse in all aspects of life: social and religious practices, architecture, agriculture and clothing. Small, localized groups settled in the northern border region of Vietnam after leaving China some 200 years ago. The Dao a particularly striking traditional dress, characterized by a rectangular patch of embroidery sewn onto the back of their jackets, which represents that they are children of God. Both men and women sport silver or copper jewelery and tasseled shoulder bags. Dao women wear famous red headdress, usually a triangular-shaped turban featuring beads, yarns and fabric. The more decorated the hat, the richest the woman is considered. It's also common for married Dao women to shave their eyebrows and sometimes the whole head, coating the skull with wax, this is traditionally regarded as a sign of beauty.


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