Friday, February 14, 2014

China: Miao nationality

Miao has a population of more than 8.900.000, spread extensively in South China, as well in Thailand and Vietnam.
Traditional costumes of different branches of the Miao ethnic group vary, though the craftsmanship needed to make the costumes always reaches the peak of perfection. Usually, making a set of traditional Miao clothes takes a Miao woman 1-2 years. The skirt is made from at least 40 layers of pleats. The motivation behind Miao women’s hard work needed to make their clothes is their devotion to their ancestors. It has long been a tradition for Miao women to use embroidery and sewing to show how much they worship their ancestors. Miao girls begin to learn weaving, embroidery and cross stitching from the early age of 6 or 7. When girl finishes the dress for herself, she shows she is ready to marry. Silver ornaments and jewelry make up an important part of Miao dress. Silver is believed by Miao people to be the symbol of light which can dispel evil spirits. During some occasions, silver worn by young women in their best clothes weighs more than 10 kg. Silver Horn Headdress usually depictures 2 dragons playing with ball.

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