Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lithuania: Aukštaitija region's national costume

National costume of Aukštaitija is one of the most archaic in Lithuania. Until beginning of 20th century it was decorated almost only by different ways and patterns of weaving. One of most distinctive elements of costume unchanged from Middleages- the headdress (Lithuanian: nuometas), which was worn by married women. It is a 3.5 meters long piece of thin-weaved fabric. Fixed in complex manner around the head, neck and shoulders, leaving only face open. Headdress was worn all the days while being outside, but for everyday use fabric was lighter and in later years- changed to tied up triangle scarf. Headdress for special occasions was made putting biggest efforts and skills, had to be weaved so thin that it could be passed through middle of wedding ring. And so wide, that it would make at least 3 pleats of fabric under the chin.
Single girls could keep their hair uncovered; they used to braid hair leaving them down or set on the top of the head. Hair were accessorized with wreaths or embroidered, beaded, etc. crown-shaped headpieces.

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