Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lithuania: National costume

National costumes of Lithuania differs by regions- in colors, patterns and parts of clothing. The Lithuanian national costume is considered an apparel, that was worn in villages around 19-20th century for special occasions- Sundays and festivals. Women clothing usually consisted of linen shirt, at least 2 skirts, apron, patterned band, vest and headdress.
How people were dressing and designing their clothing in old times Lithuania, depended a lot on their belief system, and proved remains of pagan religion and superstitions in everyday life. It was believed that some type of clothes, patterns and jewels can protect from evil eye, help keeping good health and happy life. That is one of reasons why some details of national costume remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Nowadays national costume is worn only in national festivals, state celebrations, almost exeptionaly by artists or performers. Some families have saved patterned bands (which are still sometimes woven for christenings, weddings, anniversaries), scarves or amber necklaces as a keepsake for their children.


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